Szilvia Gogh - Journalism

​​Szilvia Gogh is a photojournalist, whose strength is in not only photographing stories, but writing them as well. She believes that when the same person takes the pictures and the notes, the result is a more complete and compelling product.

"I write my articles about the world as I see it and translate this into pictures to tell the stories through photos."

Szilvia weighs strong emphasis on the documentary approach. She is a contributing photojournalist for several magazines, including USA Travel Magazine, Itchy Feet Travel Magazine, Advanced Diver Magazine, Submarine Magazine, the weekly Courier, American Chronicle and more...

In 2006, Szilvia earned a photojournalist certification, which gave her opportunities to write numerous dive travel, dive safety and diver education articles for PADI, DAN (Divers Alert Network) and numerous other international travel, fitness and lifestyle magazines.

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Szilvia combined her marketing background and travel training to produce promotional multi-platform marketing packages (which includes video, articles for print and photography) promoting travel and scuba diving adventures for Antarctica, Egypt, the Sudan and South Africa.

The best thing about her life is that I get to share these adventures with my husband, Hilaire Brosio. "We met on a dive boat in 2002 in Anacapa, California . We dove together in several countries and after a few years of traveling together we realized that we were becoming more than just dive buddies and best friends." 

Hilaire is the camera operator and director of the Adventures with Miss Scuba series. Together they travel everywhere from Sudan, to Antarctica and South Africa, shooting sharks, diving around ice bergs, and riding camels.  Sharing the most exciting things in life, with someone you love, is priceless. 

Szilvia gets to do what she loves and to her this means everything. Her mission is to change lives and to open a new world to those she comes in contact with. See a sample of the Marketing Videos they have produced and shot together below and browse more at Hilaire's vimeo.