Szilvia Gogh

Scuba Diver / Stunt Woman /

Photojournalist / Jewelry Designer / Youth Mentor 

Szilvia Gogh is a Renaissance Women. She has so many talents, she achieved so many things that most people do not do in a lifetime. She traveled the world and makes a living of her passions.

Szilvia’s life is about creativity, inspiration, travel and survival.

She was recently inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame and was the youngest female in the world to become a PADI Course Director. A PADI Ambassador, she has been teaching scuba diving from beginners to dive instructors for over nearly two decades in Malta, UK, Thailand and now in California.

Szilvia is a photojournalist taking pictures of faces and places above and below the water for numerous international travel, scuba, lifestyle and adventure publications.

She also works in front of the camera as an adventure show host and stunt woman in movies and television. She provides water safety and trains talent to breath underwater when working behind the scenes.

She openly shares her personal story as a breast cancer survivor through feature stories and short films.

She takes great pride in designing and creating unique, one of a kind jewelry inspired by the ocean and creatures living in it for her Gogh Jewelry Design. Each handcrafted piece reflects the artist’s sense of mystery and individuality, and beckons the free spirit in every self-made woman.

Szilvia has an incredible passion and drive and this is what has motivated her to pay in forward and give back. For the past 15 years she has volunteered to work with “at-risk” youth in Los Angeles.